Page, AZ, is a rather boring town. Aside from the Glen Canyon Dam and Horseshoe Bend, there isn’t much to see or do, unless you want to tour Lake Powell. The village itself was built in 1957 as a government camp for the dam construction workers. The main reason to stop here was that originally we had intended to drive Cottonwood Canyon Road from Bryce instead of the trip via the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, and didn’t want to do the long tour to the Monument Valley the same day. In retrospect, a trip to the Rainbow Bridge National Monument might have been a good idea, but then, sitting in a boat isn’t exactly our favorite pastime.


The Days Inn, located near the highway and across the road from a Walmart, is just another inn like many others, nondescript, standing out only because it has been renovated in 2010. The rooms had a very modern touch we liked, and lots of space, even a living room area with a kitchenette and a second TV.


The reception service was a little awkward, since the young woman on the front desk and her partner in the back office were joking like teenagers over their homework, and seemed not too interested in customer service. In front of the hotel there was a nice shaded area where you could sit outside and enjoy a fresh breeze, the standard breakfast area I got used to in Days Inns in Canada was right in the hall.

A large room, a very comfortable bed, slow but working free wi-fi, and a breakfast with waffles, donuts, eggs, coffee, juice and even a piece of fruit included in the price made this a decent stay. Nothing I would recommend for a weekend getaway, but modern and moderately priced for the area.

Nearby fast-food options give you a chance to grab a bite without driving into town. We would have loved to go to a recommended BBQ joint in Page, but they were closed on this day.