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The Museum of Toys, Mint, is a nice place to spend an hour or two indulging in childhood memories. Althought it is a toy museum, I’d say it’s a venue for adults. Children may not have as much fun for two reasons:

(a) the exhibits are all tucked away behind glass screens, in brightly lit displays, and

(b) these are vintage toys, more collectors‘ items than today’s stuff to play with.

The collections are named „Outer Space“, „Characters“, „Childhood Favourites“ and „Collectables“. I was especially interested in the sci-fi part of the museums, and aeroplane models. The airplaes were crammed into their display shelves, though – like many of the toys on display. Still, there are many gems to explore.

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Buck Rogers, of course.

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Bond, Jmes Bond.

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Tin Tin, reminding me of Bruce Willis in Amrageddon.

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A huge part of the characters collection is dedicated to superheroes, from Green Lantern to an extensive array of Batman and Robin items.

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Asian heroes.

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There is also a great choice of vintage toys, if you are into these.

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Although, I am more of a robot fan.

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The Disney emporium is there, as are Daleks, Star Trek, Star Wars, and Popeye,

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Plus, there are some Beatles fan items, plus a few historical pieces featuring Queen Elizabeth, her crowning and royal wedding – which emit a rather colonial aura.

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The Museum, tucked away in a small, tall building a short walk from the Raffles hotel, is one of these places you can spend a rainy afternoon if you have some time to kill. It is quite fun, although the lighting on the exhibits is sometimes awkward and far from optimal, plus more space would allow to showcase some of the numerous items a lot better than now.

A gallery of all our pics taken at the museum is here on Flickr for you to enjoy.

Mint Museum of Toys
26 Seah Street
Singapore 188382

Location and Prices

An adult ticket will set you back 15 S$ or about 10 Euro. Family tickets are available, as are several discounts on various occasions.