There is only one hotel in the Monument Valley: The View. It is not the most beautiful building in the world, but that doesn’t matter. It was not built to be looked at, It was built to be looked from. Located at the rim of the Monument Valley, each room has the deluxe panoramic view of „the Mittens“ and the valley from its balcony. You can see it everywhere, from the outside terrace (of the snack bar) as well as from the hall, and of course the restaurant.

The View @ Monument Valley


The rooms are standard hotel/inn fare, not exceptionally luxurious.


The true luxury is the view and balcony.


You can sit outside and marvel at the view. Yes, it is stunning. That’s what you pay for.

Since the only other option to have dinner is driving to Kayenta, we opted for Navajo food in the hotel restaurant instead. A decent choice.


And the sunset view was a treat in itself. Totally worth it.


The View @ Monument Valley