When you take I-15 from Vegas to St. George, and subsequently, Zion National Park, the landscape is pretty boring and rather flat. After a while you see a mountain range on the horizon, but it looks like you won’t reach it for a long time. Soon enough, though, you find yourself right in front of the range, wondering how on Earth the street is going to cross these mountains.

It doesn’t. It goes right through them.

Virgin River Gorge

The Virgin River Gorge is a stunning drive, which we enjoyed a lot. You can find several videos of drives through this narrow canyon on YouTube. I particularly like this one, although the drive goes in the opposite direction, which as an experience is not as surprising, but still an awesome view.

The gorge was formed by the tiny Virgin River, which is also responsible for the topography of Zion National Park. The river does a good job in showcasing awesome geology. Only a few miles down the gorge you’ll find an exit to a recreation area and campground and picnic/day use area with restrooms (2 Dollar fee for the area), which will provide you with this gorgeous panoramic view:


An unexpected extra on our trip, and worth visiting.